How To: Stay at Home Ideas for Valentine’s

 26th January 2021



Embrace The New Norm!

Dust off your dinner suit, break out your best plates, light the candles and dress the table as this year’s Valentine’s is happening at home! Embrace the new norm and make the most of it with our ideas for hosting the best Valentine’s at home with your loved ones.

Cook a Romantic Meal Together

They say that food is the way to the heart (it is definitely the way to ours!), but that doesn’t mean you actually have to cook something from scratch. Our meal kits include everything you need for the most perfect night in with a 2 course feast to add the finishing touches to at home, leaving more time to polish off the playlist, set the ambience and crack open the champers.



Make Cocktails for Eachother

If you are particularly missing going out and enjoying a few drinks together then have a go at creating your own Cocktail Bar at Home. Whether it is experimenting using ingredients you already have in your cupboards or you create a menu of your favourite cocktails and buy in what you need. Have some fun with it and alternate making your favourite cocktails for each other. Don’t forget, snacks are essential!

Don’t want the hassle of having to make them? Check out our Cocktail Kits available to order online. Included in The Telegraph’s Best Cocktail Delivery Services

Plan Your Future Trips

Travel may be on pause for a while but it is still important to have something to look forward to. Get a map out, discuss your dream locations and plot your ideal itinerary for that dream trip together!

If you are looking for something a little bit sooner than why not plan a staycation in the UK from a city escape in London to a seaside getaway on the coast. British pubs, hotels and restaurants need all the support they can get!



Embrace Your Creative Side

Unleash your inner artists and find a new craft to learn together from painting, to candle making, or even a cookery class. Being at home doesn’t have to be boring and there are plenty of tools online to help bring it to life.

Re-create Your Favourite Date Night

Take a trip down memory lane and re-create your favourite date night. You may not be able to visit the place you had your first date this year but why not set up a romantic table for two at home and order in your favourite date night dinner (we hear The Orange does a pretty good takeaway!). Get dressed up, use the best silver and make a meal of dining at home.

Here’s some of our top tips for creating the perfect atmosphere:

Step 1: Get the lighting right. Make use of fairy lights and lamps to set the right tone. You want soft warm lights.

Step 2: Music, you don’t want anything too up beat, a nice soft jazz creates the perfect atmosphere

Step 3: Find out your best linen, get your children to draw you a place mat, have some fun with what you can find in the house

Step 4: Create a centrepiece, whether it be from the florist, flowers from the garden or a beautiful candle display