Winter Recipe: White Park Beef and Ale Pie

 27th January 2021

A firm favourite from our Group head Chef, Stewart. 

Makes 4 Delicious Individual Pies


The ultimate comforting winter warmer

There is nothing better than tucking into a homemade pie on a warm winters day from your local pub, pair it with a pint and you are winning. Our White Park Beef & Ale Pie is a true British Classic and one very close to our hearts. See top tips from our Group Head Chef on how to make this perfect rich and comforting pie.

At Cubitt House we are very proud of our pies and change the recipe on our menu daily to reflect seasonality, the ingredients we buy from our suppliers as well as ensuring nothing that enters our kitchens goes to waste. We butcher all our meat on site meaning we use the whole animal; from the bones to make the most amazing stocks to the best braising cuts to go in our pies.


550g Diced Good Quality British Beef (we use chuck)
20g Garlic
100g Chantenay Carrots
100g Baby Onions
200g Chestnut Mushrooms (quartered)
2 Sprigs Fresh Rosemary (finely chopped)
2 Sprigs Thyme (finely chopped)
150ml Good Ale (we use Doom Bar)
500ml Beef Stock
Salt to taste
500g Puff Pastry
1 Egg (for brushing the pies)


In this recipe we use the chuck from the White Park Beef, a wonderful Rare Breed which we get from our long-term friends at Lyons Hill Farm in Dorset. Mark provide us with whole cattle which we butcher on site before dry-ageing for at least 30 days to release a deeper flavour.

You can buy ready diced beef from your local butcher and we would recommend asking for dry aged (at least 28 days) chuck or brisket for a fuller flavoured pie. Ask your butcher to trim and dice for you, although this is half the fun doing the butchery yourself.


STEP 1: Dice the meat into 1.5cm cubes, season and roast in a pan until evenly golden brown.
STEP 2: Add the Doom Bar let it reduce by 2 thirds.
STEP 3: Add the stock, enough to cover the meat and bring to boil and simmer.
STEP 4: In a separate pan, pan-roast the carrots and onions, once nice and golden brown add to the beef.
STEP 5: In the same pan then add the mushroom and pan-roast, once nearly golden add the garlic and colour lightly. Transfer both to the meat.
STEP 6: Cook the mix until the meat is soft and tender (couple of hours), and the stock has thickened, add the herbs. Remove from the pan and chill.
STEP 7: Grease 4 pie moulds with butter and line each of them with a thin layer of puff pastry.
STEP 8: Fill with about 160g of pie mix and top the pies with a thin layer of puff pastry. Crimp the edges.
STEP 9: Pre-heat a baking tray in the oven, add the pies and bake on 180c for 18 minutes.
STEP 10: Then remove the pies from their moulds, egg wash all over and bake for another 7 minutes until the pastry is golden brown and crisp all over.

Serve with a delicious creamy mash, roasted carrots (or seasonal greens for some freshness) and a large jug of gravy (you can never have enough gravy!)


Try this recipe yourself, or order one perfectly prepared by our chefs and ready to bake from our Cubitt House at Home Shop. We also have a range of our other hand-crimped pies available to heat through at home for the perfect home cooked treat.