To make our classic version, we use a clean, creamy, and smooth Sapling Vodka stirred over a generous amount of ice coated with dry vermouth, then finished with rich lemon oils. 

Prep time
10 mins


50ml Sapling Vodka
10ml Noilly Prat Original Dry
Lemon Peel


Chill your glass first (Coup, Nick & Nora or a Martini Glass). Then, fill your mixing glass with ice to the top. Feel free to crack your first ice cubes to add the smaller pieces that will kick-start the dilution. Next, coat the ice with dry vermouth and add vodka. Then stir with a bar spoon until the ingredients are combined and chilled while adding dilution that will unveil all subtle notes in your spirits. Next, double-strain it to your chilled glass, ensuring that the drink’s surface looks smooth and creamy without ice shards. Next, take a large peel of your lemon and squeeze it about 15cm above your glass to release oils. Now soak it into your delicious drink and enjoy the first sip. 

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For the main bar area at The Orange, @georgie_pearman chose the colour ‘Clove’ created by interior designer Edward Bulmer. A spicy warm beige packed full of natural pigments to heat it up and really wrap the colour around the space.
This complex and grounding neutral perfectly complements the convivial atmosphere of the pub’s central space.

Visit @theorangepublichouse the next time you’re in Belgravia and step into the ambience of Clove #CubittHouse #LondonPubs
This month's #DishWithTish is a delicious Summer salad of roasted peach, pistachio, mint, dill, watercress and salted sheep’s cheese.

Inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean with contrasting flavours and textures. Roasting peaches this way intensifies their natural sweetness and flavour (it’s also good with ice-cream!)

Chef Director, @ben.tish says - ‘I like to layer this on a platter as opposed to a bowl for a visually beautiful presentation- a centrepiece even. Excellent with grilled pork or lamb'

Head to our website for the full recipe #CH #CubittHouse
Take a peek behind the design of The Orange with Edward Bulmer of @edwardbulmerpaint.
As Founder and Director of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, Edward is an expert at mixing beautiful and sustainable paint colours with natural pigments. With his London shop located just across the road from The Orange, it was only fitting that we invited him to collaborate on our recent refresh.
Stay tuned over the next week to learn more about the creative vision behind the exclusive colour palette Edward designed to reflect the pub’s warm interiors #CubittHouse

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