Angus Beef Tartare With Sourdough Toast

Angus Beef Tartare With Sourdough Toast

Steak Tartare is a bit Marmite. You either love it or hate it. But for those that do love them it’s all about the ingredients and we make sure we only have the best at Cubitt House. The Builder’s Arms Angus Beef Tartare uses the very best beef rump from Hannan Meats. A more delicious morsel of raw beef would be hard to find.  A decadent starter for 2 for you to try at home.

Prep Time
15 mins
Cooking Time
30 mins
Angus Beef Tartare With Sourdough Toast
Angus Beef Tartare With Sourdough Toast


500g Hannan’s Angus Beef Rump

20g chopped cornichons

20g chopped capers brined or salted

20g diced shallot onion

50ml ketchup

50ml Worcestershire sauce

15ml olive oil

Tabasco to taste

Salt & pepper to taste

1 egg

Sourdough bread


  1. Start by sealing your Angus beef rump in a hot pan till all sides have been sealed off
  2. Chill the beef
  3. Trim off the cooked parts of the beef rump leaving behind the uncooked centre
  4. Slice the rump into ½ cm slices and then into stripes and then dice into small pieces roughly ½ cm and reserve
  5. In a mixing bowl and the diced rump along with the cornichons, capers, shallot, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil and tabasco season with salt and pepper and mix vigorously. You can adjust the seasoning by adding more of each item to your taste
  6. Sit in to a ring on plates and top with a raw egg yolk and a crack of black pepper of the egg
  7. Served with toasted sourdough bread and enjoy.

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