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At Cubitt house we are committed to our partnership with Carbon Free Dining. By adding a voluntary £1 to all our bills we give all our restaurant diners the option to mitigate the environmental impact of the meals they enjoy while at the same time helping provide some of the planet's poorest communities with a route out of poverty.


Carbon Free Dining believe in a system of sustainable agroforestry. For every £1 you donate the initiative guarantee the planting of at least one tree, you can even pic the very tree. There are clear and well known environmental benefits of agroforestry with the average carbon sequestration for trees in agroforestry systems being 1 ton over a 40 year lifecycle. So as a contributing diner you are counterbalancing the environmental impact of your meal – Carbon free dining.

A huge variety of fruit trees are being planted. This gives the communities both a crop for their own food but also to sell. Carbon Free Dining is helping them help themselves.


Director of Communications at the United Nations Environment Programme said it was “…an outstanding initiative which successfully merges the luxury of eating out with the joy of knowing we are simultaneously giving something back to nourish our planet.”


The initiative was launched in December 2009 under the brand Food For Thought. However, in 2017 it was rebranded as Carbon Free Dining. It took 10 years to plant its first 1,000,000 trees. Thankfully, due to the increased awareness of climate change, it only took 2 years to plant the second million trees.

Carbon Free Dining has planted trees in 17 countries across the developing work, diners in restaurants in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, USA, Malta, Italy, Singapore, Sweden and the Maldives have all contributed to the 2m million trees planted so far.

Whenever you eat at any of our pubs you can choose the exact tree that is planted on your behalf by visiting the web address at the bottom of the bills. If you click “Choose Your GiftTree” you are taken to a map with all trees to choose from. Choosing the first tree creates a forest for the diners, meaning on future visits to any Carbon Free Dining partner restaurant, they can grow their personal forest.

Just to give you some idea of the scale of the amazing work you, our diners, are doing for the Carbon Free Dining initiative:

How many trees in total have their diners funded for the group:

How many GiftTrees do Cubitt House Diners fund a month

Pretty fantastic numbers. If you want to see where all these trees are you can view them all here and see specifically the scale and size of all the pubs forests:

The Thomas Cubitt –  – 64,895 GiftTrees to date

The Grazing Goat – 62,328 GiftTrees to date

The Orange-,268 GiftTrees to date

The Alfred Tennyson –  – 36,082 GiftTrees to date

The Coach Makers Arms –,886 GiftTrees to date

The Beau Brumme l– –  10,376 GiftTrees to date

The Builders Arms – –  2,874 GiftTrees to date

The Princess Royal –  – 100 GiftTrees to date

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