Elderflower Cheesecake with Gooseberries and Vanilla ice cream

Elderflower Cheesecake with Gooseberries and Vanilla ice cream

Gooseberries and elderflower – that pretty much smacks of summer, throw in a cheesecake and it’s all your summer wishes in one. It’s a pretty easy one this and proving very popular at The Beau this summer. Now you can make it at home and impress your friends at your next summer dinner party.

20 mins
Cooking Time
3 hours
Elderflower Cheesecake with Gooseberries and Vanilla ice cream
Elderflower Cheesecake with Gooseberries and Vanilla ice cream


600g hob nobs
200g unsalted butter, melted
1200g cream cheese such as Philadelphia
600ml double cream
400g elderflower syrup (buy a quality ready made one) or reduced down
300g caster sugar

Gooseberry compote
500g gooseberries, fresh, top and tailed
150ml elderflower cordial
50ml water
50g sugar


Crush the biscuits until a fine crumb and then mix with the butter. Spoon the biscuit mix into a 24in cake tin and press evenly into the base. Place in the fridge whilst you make the cheese mix.

Whisk the cream to form stiff peaks. Beat the cordial and cream cheese and sugar together and add in whipped cream, pour onto the biscuit base

Place in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours.

Heat the cordial sugar and water, add the gooseberries and cook very gently until they are tender but still hold their shaped, remove from the heat and cool.

To serve carefully cut a slice of the cheesecake and spoon a spoonful or 2 of compote over each slice. Add a scoop of the best vanilla ice cream on the side and serve.

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