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We, at Cubitt House, support British business and British craft wherever possible, companies that design and manufacture their goods here in the UK. We have worked with a range of brilliant companies making beautiful, crafted products using traditional methods but with modern innovations.

Here we focus on just three examples of these companies but there are many more. Take a look at our ‘meet our heroes’  stories to read all about them.


Our beds all come from The Cotswold Bed Company. A company founded relatively recently with the aim of completing the entire process from idea to design to manufacture in the same place. Based outside Cheltenham they have a large, experienced team of upholsterers, sewing machinists, designers and developers who create a wide range of products for their clients. Their beds can be specifically designed in response to our specific requirements and the team are always on hand to answer any questions.


Fermoie is one of many British textile companies we work with. Producing fabrics from their factory in Wiltshire everything is done in house: the drawing, experimenting and printing and it’s because of this, the highest quality is ensured. They are a design led business, creating completely original fabrics, pushing boundaries to create a truly unique aesthetic. Our product offering of fabrics, cushions and lampshades are colourful and exciting, something for every scheme.


All of our taps, basins and baths at The Princess Royal are from Lefroy Brooks a manufacturer of classic British bathrooms. All taps are hand cast, hand forged, hand polished and hand assembled. Their story spans the last century from the tap’s domestic origins in the late Victorian era through to the beginning of a new millennium. These classic products still stand the test of time. They were beautifully made, beautifully practical and they remain beautiful today.


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