Negroni is a refreshingly bitter cocktail that works as both an aperitif and a digestif. It is easy to prepare and delightfully satisfying no matter the weather. As with every concoction, the secret is in choosing the best components that will work together in harmony while each preserving a hint of their native qualities. We use equal parts of smooth Sapling Gin with a touch of sweetness, rich and bold Antica Formula Carpano Sweet Vermouth and Campari.

Prep Time
5 mins


25ml Sapling Gin
25ml Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth
25ml Campari
Orange Peel


Fill a rocks glass with large ice cubes. Add all the ingredients. When making a  Negroni, you should only stir it briefly to combine all ingredients without lifting the volume through excessive dilution.

Next, take a large orange peel and squeeze it about 15cm above your glass to release oils. Spray them generously over your drink and rub the rim of your glass with the peel to coat it with the flavour before dropping it into your glass.

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