Rack of Lamb, Crispy Belly, Lettuce and Peas

Rack of Lamb, Crispy Belly, Lettuce and Peas

Rack of lamb and green, green peas – nothing could really be more summery and topped off with a punchy salsa verde – a perfect summery dish from The Alfred Tennyson.

Prep Time
4 hours
Cooking Time
1 hour
Rack of Lamb, Crispy Belly, Lettuce and Peas
Rack of Lamb, Crispy Belly, Lettuce and Peas


Salsa Verde
1 teaspoon garlic

100g Capers
100g Cornichons
90g Parsely
110g Basil
50g Mint
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
100ml White Wine Vinegar
400 ml Olive Oil
35g Lemon Zest
80g Smoked Anchovies

360g Lamb Belly
1 rack of lamb with 4 cutlets
30g salt

Pea Puree
30g Butter melted

250g Sliced Onions
10g Garlic
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoon White pepper
500ml Chicken stock
125ml Double Cream
500g Peas
15g Mint

These ingredients will give you excess pea puree and salsa verde which you can keep and use again.





For the Salsa Verde
Finely chop all the herbs
Finely chop the anchovies, capers and cornichons

Lamb Belly
Trim the lamb belly leaving the skin on and cure for 2hrs with the salt
Wash off, dry and double vacuum pack the belly
Cook in the water bath for 12 hours 88º, remove from bags, drain and press in the fridge between 2 trays

Pea Puree
Sweat the onions, garlic, salt and white pepper
Add the chicken stock and reduce to a glaze
Add the cream and reduce to a glaze
Add the peas and bring to the boil
Add mint and blitz until thick but smooth
Pass through a chinois and cool quickly

Lamb Rack
Cut the rack of lamb in half so there are 2 cutlets per person
Pan fry each rack (2 cutlets together) in butter and herbs for 2 mins each side. Then put the pan in the over at 180 degrees for 8 min.
Then rest the emat for at least 8 minutes

Cos Lettuce
Cut into quarters and cook one quarter in a pan with butter for 2 mins

Cut the Lamb Belly in half for each plate
Slice the cutlets – 2 for each plate
Assemble the lettuce and pea puree with the cutlets resting on top and drizzle on the salsa verde

You can also add a red wine jus and fresh peas to the dish.


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